Michael Leithner


I am a 28-year old designer living in Vienna. My passion is working in the convergence of interdisciplinary fields based in graphic design. For me, good design is evolved by focusing on the tension between good conception and optimized visual solutions.

curriculum vitae

  • since '14 Designer at the creative department of Nofrontiere Design
  • 9—12/2013 Internship, Buero Nardin/Christof Nardin
  • 2010—2013 Graphic-Design studies, New Design University, St. Pölten
  • 2007—2010 Matriculation
  • 2002—2010 Apprenticeship & working as Prepressprinter

awards and honors

  • Glanzstoff Award - best graduation project
  • Novum - World of Graphic-Design, Young Talents
  • The fox is black - article about Luminat
  • Behance - Studentshow, Typography Served, Packageingdesign Served, Editorialdesign Served